Best Play to Earn Games to Follow in 2023

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As the world of play-to-earn games is continuously evolving, game developers are focusing on launching impressive blockchain games as they are backed by private fundraising rounds. Since there are so many incredible crypto games coming out, we simply can’t put them all here. We are likely to see more play-to-earn games launching this year. But let’s explore some trailblazing Gamefi initiatives that are highly expected to take the 2023 gaming industry by storm.



Built on Arbitrum, is an action role-playing game (ARPG). Beacon seems like it might turn up being the classic example of a free-to-play NFT game in its current Early Access version. Although extremely limited, the gameplay is highly intuitive and portrays a vibrant theme. Today, we will be reviewing three distinctive areas to have a better picture of this incredible role-playing game۔

Your empty home, which you may decorate with the marketplace, the tavern, and a soldier-guarded cave.

While experiencing this game, you will have five minutes to explore the Early Access. Even though it’s only a preview of things that follows, if the studio succeeds in producing, this game will be one to keep an eye on.


In the future of dystopia, gamers can equip themselves with cyberbodies that exceed human restrictions and use revolutionary weapons, and extremely intelligent AI Virtual Beings as co-habitants in this constantly changing environment. You need to be the owner of a Delysium Multiverse Licence NFT in order to participate in the Early Access. One of these is still available on an online marketplace, despite the fact that one hundred of them were distributed for free.

The game appears to have been highly influenced by Cyberpunk 2077, along with the gleaming AAA trailers. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to shell out $1,000 TNT for a pass to try out the game. Because of this, all we did was the Pre-Alpha feature gameplay reel, which is great.

The environment of the game appears to be a bit complicated, with NFT, token staking for its DES token, many free-to-own universes, and other features.

Star Atlas

Although Star Atlas is not a free-to-play game, it is always appealing to follow because it is continuously evolving with the early GameFi model. Star Atlas makes us feel uncertain, but we all know it will be a hit as it is backed by Solana. (Star Atlas is undoubtedly the chain’s largest game offering.) Additionally, the art concept and visual promises an immersive gaming experience. The team has been developing the game from the beginning. However, their lack of evolution might be problematic. And that risk extends not only to them but also to the whole crypto gaming sector.

Ships are currently available on presale, and some of them have already sold for more than $1 million.

Oath of Peak

Yeeha Games, the gaming platform owned by Bybit, has developed the oriental MMORPG Oath of Peak. The game, which has just debuted on Polygon, delivers an extensive experience, allowing you to play it from beginning to end. Given that it is completely free to play, it is fascinating that more than $20 million has been put into refining the fundamental gameplay only.

As a Spirit Bender who is prepared to explore the Omnispirit Realm, you begin the adventure. These Spirit Beasts are ready to be trapped as they travel through these huge 3D-rendered territories. The game is also made to promote player interaction with one another.

Players who complete the game generate almost 90% of all in-game stuff. Therefore, the things are obtained through raid rewards, object building, spirit beast capture, PVP, and other means. Primordial Spirit Beasts (PSBs), which provide players more ability to communicate with these resources and ultimately sell or trade them, are among the few on-chain assets that were created.


Castaways is presently in Alpha, indicating that it is still in the early stages as a game. Despite this, the game is still quite enjoyable to play, and expect more to come in recent updates.

On a little raft, surrounded by water, an island, and several other castaways, you join the F2P sandbox. Fish and flotsam-like sticks and rope fragments begin to show up in the water. After some time, you will be able to make more complex items like fishing poles and weapons.

NFTs for gaming characters, rafts, islands, and even treasure chests are all available for purchase. The most engaged players in the early Alpha phase received all of these goodies via airdrop. Castaways seem to have promise. The game raises the bar for what it could be when it delivers, especially given how enjoyable it is now.

Evolving Blockchain Gaming Sector

It is now obvious that the outdated tokenomics models must be dropped. There is no purpose in attempting to fix something that is unquestionably broken. We need to transform our vision as innovators with new game concepts who don’t want our clients to take on any risk.

We must take risks since we are the creators and discoverers. We’ll gain more credibility from the gaming community if we adopt this approach. And as a bonus, when we attempt to lure them in, they’ll be much more inclined to believe and less suspicious.

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